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KAWS Companion “Blush”

KAWS Companion “Blush” Open Edition 

New release for the Yuz Museum in Shanghai, China.

In partnership with the Yuz Museum in Shanghai where KAWS is currently showcasing his “Where the End Starts” exhibition, the Brooklyn artist will release a set of limited Open Edition Companion figures in an all-new “Blush” colorway. According to the museum’s Instagram post, the collectibles will launch initially on April 18 at the Yuz store on a first-come, first-served basis. KAWS also took to his social media account to mention that the toys will be available on in the near future.

Yuz museum Shanghai

35, Fenggu Road
Xuhui District, Shanghai


Flip Factor is “8” out of “10” for initial flippablity but the price will come down to standard levels in the next 2-3 months as more of these hit the market.